Michael received a STORM Pride card for choosing to help clean up the classroom without even being asked. Thank you, Michael!
5 days ago, SMK School
Michael Long
This STORM Pride card goes to Sandra Walston for being the "best" teacher!
5 days ago, SMK School
Sandra Walston
We had a great turnout for lunch today. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
13 days ago, Anthony A. Andrews School
Thanksgiving Lunch
Thanksgiving Lunch
Thanksgiving Lunch
Susie making some homemade bread
School Thanksgiving Feast. Come and Eat Turkey with Students!
13 days ago, SMK School
Thanksgiving Table
Tables Set and Ready!
STORM Pride 11/17/22: Rachael Long (helping students tie their shoes and be safe) and Katelyn Oyoumick (finishing her classwork with flying colors)
19 days ago, SMK School
Rachael Long
Katelyn Oyoumick
2nd graders Laine and Steffan showed STORM Pride by doing their best reading of Long A and Long O words and sentences. 1st Grader Catelaya showed STORM Spirit on hat day and was very helpful on Monday with her fellow students and teacher.:
20 days ago, SMK School
Laine Showing STORM Pride!
Cateleya Shwing STORM Spirit on Hat Day!
STORM's "Mixed Six" volleyball team won all set games this weekend, beating Unalakleet, Gambell, and Stebbins. Top server was Sam Elachik (male) and Chelsea Washington (female). Showing STORM Pride: Sonny, Chelsea, Maddie, Marion, Harriet, Richard Jr., Sam, and Delilah!
22 days ago, SMK School
SMK's Mixed Six Volleyball Team
Congratulations to the following students for placing at the 40th Annual BSSD Wrestling and Cheerleading Tournament! Austin Lockwood: 1st-Wrestling Momoki Huxel: 2nd-Wrestling Carson Pete: 2nd-Wrestling Lelah Kobuk: All American Cheerleader
25 days ago, SMK School
Austin Lockwood: 1st Place
Momoki Huxel 2nd Place
Carson Pete: 2nd Place
Way to show STORM Pride: helping at lunch, working hard during fraction centers, and completing missing assignments!
26 days ago, SMK School
Anastine, Christine, Gus, and Karijan  (absent)
Teddy, Richie,  and  Mary
Showing Storm Pride by helping set up the gym for awards with STORM Pride: Donald, John, Dmitri, Seth, and Austin
about 1 month ago, SMK School
John, Seth, Austin, Donald, and Dmitri STORM Pride
Thank you to all SMK Staff both present and non-present fall 2022
about 1 month ago, SMK School
SMK Staff Fall 2022
And More High School Awards! Go High School!
about 1 month ago, SMK School
8th Grade Social Studies
US History
Academic Success
More High School Awards!
about 1 month ago, SMK School
HS  English Language Arts
HS Special Education
Academic Success
World History
High School Awards!
about 1 month ago, SMK School
7th Grade
HS Math
HS Science
More Awards!
about 1 month ago, SMK School
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Elementary Special Education
Thank you to SMK parents and guardians of our students who came and supported students at today's awards ceremony. We will continue serving pizza, salisbury steak, and tacos that students and staff made for you to eat anytime before 4pm today so you can catch a bite and meet with your children's teachers. We look forward to seeing you!
about 1 month ago, SMK School
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
1st Grade
SMK Suicide Prevention Week March
3 months ago, SMK School
SMK Suicide Prevention March
SMK Suicide Prevention Week March
Stop Suicide: Morgan, Tulrun, Kiki
SMK March Participants
Saint Michael School wants to invite K-8 families to a night of fun STEM exploration: 6-7 pm.
3 months ago, SMK School
STEM? Find out tonight 6-7pm
STEM Invite
SMK  STEM Invite
BSSD Regional School Board Elections DEADLINE to file to run for a seat is August 5th More information at click the link below https://www.elections.alaska.gov/Core/regionaleducationalattendancearea.php
7 months ago, Bering Strait School District
BSSD Regional School Board Elections - Available Seats